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Hi everyone!!... sorry it's been a little quiet around here lately (I promise to change that),
just letting you all know I'm still around and having fun!

Sometimes the aftershow is better than the show. XX Reb, you nut!
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 Rock Candy Records

Rock Candy Records have re-issued the first 3 Fiona albums. Each album has been remastered with 24 bit sound
along with enhanced liner notes, essays and rare photographs. The albums are available to buy individually or as a 3 CD bundle
direct from as well as all good online and high street retailers.


“DURING THE 1980s women in rock were, in many respects, unfairly treated; often cast aside as little more than irrelevant eye candy whilst their male counterparts were lauded as golden gods. This was the environment that New Jersey born chanteuse Fiona found herself battling against when launching her career. Fortunately her voice and tenacity forced naysayers to admit that she was a major new talent in the making, one that would ultimately record a brace of albums and establish herself as in internationally known figure.

Fiona’s path to a career in music started early, singing in night clubs all the time looking for that elusive break. It wasn’t until she hooked up with producer Eddie Offord and members of progressive rock band Dixie Dreggs that she got her first break recording a set of demos that won her a contract with Atlantic Records. This, her debut album, originally released in 1985, was produced by former Good Rats leader Peppi Castro and features a number of prominent East Coast backing musicians including Lou Gramm guitarist Bobby Messano.

Containing a blistering selection of quality tracks, Fiona’s strong and confident vocals ram home the message that she was one of the few female vocalists ready to take on the competition at their own game. Check out tracks such as ‘Love Makes You Blind’ and ‘Talk To me’ for
clear cut proof.”


“FIONA’S SELF TITLED debut album certainly introduced a sensational new talent to the world of femme fronted rock. Her striking looks and gilded vocals made for a fascinating combination, giving her an edge comparable to the anthemic styles of Pat Benatar, Patty Smyth and Heart. The debut album made a sure footed impact, nicely setting up her next long playing foray.

For ‘Beyond The Pale’, Atlantic Records teamed her up with fast rising production talent Beau Hill, a man who made waves producing hard rock act Ratt. It was Beau who recruited a top selection of gifted musicians. including Nile Rodgers, Kip Winger and Reb Beach, as well as sourcing a number of key songwriters, including material from the pens of Billy Steinberg, Bob Halligan and Peter Wolf.

This time around, the material was rockier and far more contemporary, without losing any of her rough hewn charm or bonhomie. Originally issued in 1986, the record successfully combined clean cut hi-tech production chops with sizeable blasts of anthemic rock, allowing her distinctive vocals to punch home the choruses like a hot knife through butter. Check out songs such as ‘Tragedy’, ‘Thunder & Lightning’ and the up tempo ‘You Better Wait’, for irrefutable proof.”


“YOU CAN TAKE the Girl out of the East Coast but you can’t take the East Coast out of the girl. For Fiona’s third album the diminutive singer was transported lock and stock and barrel to Los Angeles in an effort to give her a creative makeover. It was a move that shaped her label’s (Atlantic Records) deep rooted belief in her potential, after recording two albums of top drawer melodic rock that indicated she was on the verge of a major breakthrough.

‘Heart Like A Gun’, originally issued in 1989, was primarily produced by studio wizard Keith Olsen, a man who’d notched up several platinum plus selling albums from a string of artists, including Fleetwood Mac, Whitesnake and Journey. The belief was that Olsen’s magic touch would help craft an album that would catapult her into the spotlight. With help from a number of name players, including noted guitarists Brad Gillis, Mike Slamer, Tim Pierce and Dweezil Zappa, together with key song writing co-writes by Mark Mangold, Aldo Nova and Van Stephenson.

Originally issued in 1989, the album exudes class and quality, a tremendous example of rugged yet melodic hard rock, with a polished and accessible sheen. Look out for the album standout, an anthemic duet with hard rock heart throb Kip Winger,
‘Everything You Do (You’re Sexing Me)’, one the most impressive tracks of the entire era.”




O L D E R      N E W S



 After a 20 year hiatus, international recording artist and actress Fiona is back in action with a new CD, Unbroken,
produced by
James Christian of the famed House Of Lords.

Unbroken contains mostly all new songs written by Fiona, James Christian, Tommy Denander, Holly Knight, Marc Tanner
and UK pop production team,
The Elements. It also includes a dramatic remake of “Shadows of the Night” with DL Byron’s original
dark lyrics, a tribute to the beloved 80’s band,
Prophet, and a bonus female duet with internationally renowned rocker, Robin Beck.

It's hard to think of the 80’s music scene without remembering Fiona’s duet with Kip Winger “Everything You Do (You’re Sexing Me) as
well as her acting roles as Bob Dylan’s love interest in Hearts of Fire and the Miami Vice second season episode “Little Miss Dangerous”.

Fans will embrace UNBROKEN’s intense melodic rock sound which is driven by guitarist/songwriter Tommy Denander and topped off with performances from original Fiona band member, Bobby Messano.  

“I have released this new CD for two reasons... Very polite, albeit relentless hounding from fans and the absolute joy of creating this particular music that I miss so much. After raising a family and getting some sleep it was clear that I was ready to sing again.  
It is in this spirit that I dedicate this CD to all fans old and new. Thank you for the pushes, gentle and intense. Especially from my friend and fellow artist Robin Beck and the AOR Melodic rock community.
Here it is. Enjoy. With affection and gratitude, I am yours, UNBROKEN”










**Fiona at Firefest 2012**




2012 is going to be a rocking year for Fiona with plenty of live gigs to support her amazing comeback CD 'Unbroken'.
For the time being you can view some photos of Fiona from her recent gig with House of Lords at
the Mohegun Sun casino in Uncasville CT.

Fiona with House of Lords click here
Photos by Jennifer Bartram-Schmitt



Hard Rock Cafe in Cologne will feature Fiona on Valentines day February 14th 2012 doing an
Unplugged and Unbroken set along with Tommy Denander and Vic Heart
Tell your friends!!



Free download from Classic Rock Magazine.

Classic Rock have made 'This Heart' from the new Fiona album their 'track of the day' and
have made it available to download for free for a limited time. This Heart features the wonderful Robin Beck on guest vocals
Go to the
Classic Rock page to get your copy...




 Fiona Live Appearance

Fiona will be appearing live with House of Lords at Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville, CT
on 19th December 2011.



 AOR Heaven Rock For Japan Charity CD

The first new Fiona song of the 21st Century will appear on the 'Rock For Japan' charity album released by the
AOR Heaven label to raise money for those affected by the recent Earthquake, Tsunami and subsequent Nuclear catastrophe.
It is a subject very close to Fiona's heart as her Brother lives in Japan with his wife and Fiona's two nieces... or Japanieces as
she likes to call them :)

The song Fiona has provided is called
Loved Along the Way written by Fiona and Tommy Denander and produced by James Christian.
The album itself features over 30 songs from some of the world's top melodic rock bands including a number of previously unreleased tracks.

We hope you will follow us in the coming months to stay in touch with the latest on Fiona's return to music.
The website itself will grow and eventually we plan to have merchandise for sale right here.
The next stage of Fiona's musical adventure that started in childhood has just begun and she invites her fans
to follow her every step of the way here at




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